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History of Lebanese Wine

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Since 2019, Lebanon has been in a sharp decline and residents are left in darkness, debt, and depression. If you would like to help the Lebanese wine industry, the best way to do so is by buying wines from Lebanon. But it would be great to have someone walk you through the history and what you’re drinking, right? Sit back and Farrah will guide you through the history of Lebanese wine - all from the comfort of your own home.

Class duration: 90 min (+/- 30 min)

Availability for Fall/Winter 2022:
OCT 4, 10, 24

The time of the session will be coordinated based on your time zone and availability. If you have a preferred date and would like to request that timeslot, email info@bforbacchus.com with the details to confirm availability.

Wine is not provided but Farrah can help you find some based on where you are located. If you (or any of the group) are located in the U.S., please provide your mailing addresses for a surprise by post.